Brenntag EMEA to distribute Sipchem Meras PBT

13th August 2019

Brenntag, the global market leader in chemical distribution, is distributing Meras PBT of Sipchem, Saudi Arabia, to its customers in Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland and most of Germany with immediate effect.

Sipchem Meras PBT (Polybutylene Terephtalate) is a highly crystalline engineering thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and electrical properties. It can withstand temperature up to 150°C continuously. Thanks to the latest polymerization technology, Sipchem Meras generates intrinsically lower level of THF (Tetrahydrofuran) than competitor PBT and opens up new opportunities in sectors wherever low level of migration are necessary. Besides the standard unreinforced, low warpage, glass fiber reinforced grades, one particular grade, Sipchem Meras HR 150 TG30 in black, exhibits an high elongation at break and outstanding electrical properties such as CTI of 500V. Sipchem Meras can be used as an insulator in the electrical and electronics industries, in the automotive industry (latches, electrical system, mirror housings, handles, fuel system) and in a wide range of industrial and consumer goods (e.g. shower heads, irons, kitchen device).

“With this new cooperation, Brenntag EMEA Polymers extends its portfolio of engineering polymers with an excellent product to provide better service and additional value to our large customer base in various application areas”, says Susanne Schnaufert, Marketing Manager Polymers Brenntag EMEA.

“We are very pleased to partner with Brenntag for the distribution of our new product range Meras. Their strong sales organization and market knowledge will support Sipchem Meras™ market penetration and enhance further our customer service. We are looking forward to this cooperation and perceive it as an important milestone for our ambitious growth”, declares Eric Bouchardy, Head of Sipchem Europe SA.