Emery Oleochemicals expands partnership with Omya Specialty Materials

25th November 2019
Emery Oleochemicals, a leading global manufacturer of natural-based specialty chemicals, is pleased to announce it has further expanded its partnership with Omya Specialty Materials, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals in the United States. This expanded partnership includes distribution by Omya of Emery’s Green Polymer Additives (GPA) comprehensive portfolio of antifogging agents, antistatic agents and process additives for non-vinyl thermoplastics as well as additives for bioplastics. These products, sold under Emery’s well-known LOXIOL and EDENOL® brands, are backed by Emery’s 60+ years of technical expertise in the plastics industry.
Key benefits these products offer for masterbatch and non-vinyl thermoplastic applications include:
  • superior film transparency for both hot and cold fogging
  • good thermostability
  • reduction or elimination of static charge
  • both internal and external options for antifogging and antistatic agents
  • high bio-based content
  • ready biodegradability
  • wide choice of additives for tailored effects
  • food contact compliant according to US FDA CFR 21.
Discover how natural-based specialty chemicals from Emery Oleochemicals can help you meet both your application performance requirements as well as sustainability objectives at