Water Treatment

CTi completes trials of low pressure nanoreactors in produced water treatment

5th September 2019

Cavitation Technologies  is pleased to announce the completion of successful trials of its Low Pressure Nano Reactors (LPN’s) in produced water treatment.

'Produced water' is water found in the same formations as oil and gas. When the oil and gas flow to the surface, the produced water is brought to the surface with the hydrocarbons. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a multi-step extraction process in which fossil fuel-bearing rock formations are drilled and fractured using huge amounts of water. Oil and gas reserves that were at one time considered inaccessible are now available to be exploited.

Nearly every oil and gas well generates water as part of the production process.  The US has almost 1 million producing oil and gas wells. This water consumption volume is about 58 million bbl/day.

The LPN system trials began in the early part of 2019 and have gone through rigorous testing, achieving exceptional results, while also developing certain know-how and proprietary formulas to elevate efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

CTi's Global Technology Manager, Roman Gordon, commented, “We look forward to the opportunity to expand our technology in the produced water treatment industry and we believe that this new technology application presents a great economic value for our company, while achieving maximized returns for our shareholders. In the upcoming months, we expect to have additional systems installed with increased water treatment volumes.”