Biesterfeld and SCIGRIP expand strategic partnership to the UK market

26th March 2020

Biesterfeld is expanding its long-term partnership with the American manufacturer SCIGRIP. After successfully handling the distribution of two-part methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesives in Poland, the Baltic States, Germany and France, the agreement has now been extended to include the UK market with immediate effect.

SCIGRIP materials offer the latest advancements in structural bonding systems for the most demanding applications in transportation, marine, construction and thermoplastics. The MMA adhesives are used for bonding metal, composite and plastic materials as well as hybrid substrates. The products offer an attractive combination of strength, toughness, flexibility and ease of use, curing and reaching their full strength at room temperature. Additionally, the choice of different types with various working times gives manufacturers the opportunity to optimise their processes.

“Biesterfeld has proven itself as an invaluable partner to SCIGRIP over the last three years,” says Tim Johnson, Sales & Marketing Manager, SCIGRIP. “Thanks to their expertise and experience in the Advanced Materials market, and our proven product range and continuing focus on technical developments, collaborating in this market made sense for us both. We are excited to see what we can achieve together.”

"We are absolutely delighted at SCIGRIP’s confidence in us," comments Julian Ferries, Sales Manager Composites & Tooling, Biesterfeld Petroplas Ltd. “The outstanding properties of SCIGRIP’s MMA adhesives will provide our customers with competitive advantages and reinforce our market position within the growing composites and tooling industry.”