Cosmetics & Personal Care

Just bead it with natural functionality!

With Cosmospheres®, Omya presents an attractive ingredient solution that transports actives in a completely natural way until their release during application. Suitable for all kinds of personal care formulations, the cellulosic beads can mix with liquid or powdered actives when both parts are immersed in fluids. Available in several different colours, the loaded and swollen Cosmospheres® create appealing visual effects. Low friction during application allows the cells to break and release their content, mixing with the other ingredients while leaving no residue.

In conjunction with Swiss distribution partner Rahn AG, Omya developed functional Cosmospheres® beads based on natural microcrystalline cellulose plus either lactose or vegan mannitol. The hard, dry beads, available in different sizes, are manufactured in Switzerland under the cosmetic industry’s high quality standards. Mixed into liquids, the beads cocoon excipients safely before becoming soft and spreadable. Moreover, the formulation offers aesthetically pleasing visual effects. Friction during use lets the swollen beads pop, releasing and mixing their content with the other ingredients.

Cosmospheres® can be loaded with various actives such as colour pigments, oils, vitamins, fragrances and cooling or warming sensory agents. Applications range from skin and haircare to colour cosmetics, and from hygiene to oral care products.

Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya, says: “The smart but natural technology of our Cosmospheres® beads enables us to perfectly meet current consumer demand for multifunctional but sustainable applications that also offer a pleasant sensory experience. They allow for the creation of a wide range of added value applications, while finished products remain natural and sustainable.”