Materials Science

NAII Announces Expanded Operations, Including Increased Production Capacity of Emulsion Resins

Nippon Shokubai America Industries, Inc. (NAII), the U.S. subsidiary of NIPPON SHOKUBAI CO., LTD., has launched marketing and capital investment initiatives to expand the Nippon Shokubai Group’s Solutions Business, a division that leverages the company’s research and development (R&D) capabilities to overcome customer challenges.

NAII will increase the number of local personnel and expand its customer and market base by developing new applications for existing chemical products, including AQUALIC™ polymers for commercial detergents. The company has also upgraded its two facilities with polymer products used for energy-saving building materials and will expand its production capability for emulsion resins to be able to produce various types of emulsion products. By fiscal year 2024 (FY24), NAII aims to increase its Solutions Business sales by 30 percent compared to FY21.

“We’ve been focusing on expanding our B2B business and believe there’s still a lot of room to develop new applications by strengthening our local operations,” says Kenta Kanaida, President, NAII. “To support this growth plan, we’ve increased the number of marketing professionals who are familiar with the local market and with customer challenges.”

NAII produces 60,000 tons of superabsorbent polymers per year in its Houston, Texas facility, producing raw material acrylic acid via a joint venture with Arkema Inc. Its Chattanooga plant supports the production of fine chemical products such as:

  • AQUALOC™— an admixture component for concrete.
  • ACRYSET™— emulsion resins for various applications.
  • AQUALIC™— a water-soluble polymer for detergents and dispersants.