Cosmetics & Personal Care

Natural, sustainable and versatile

Berg + Schmidt, experts in functional raw materials, won the 1st place at the 19th European BSB Innovation Award with its plant-based fibre compound BergaMuls ET 1, in the products category ‘Natural products/Raw materials – section: recipients, protection, skin soothing’. The ingredient, comprising beta glucan and pectin, is a moisturising emulsifier and thickening agent that enables highly efficient formulations for creams, masks and lotions. Thanks to its COSMOS as well as Natrue approval and a sustainable life cycle, the ingredient is ideally suited to multi-faceted and vegan natural cosmetic products, and allows for a clean label declaration.


BergaMuls ET 1 is produced from renewable fruit and cereal fibres, and therefore completely natural. The ivory-coloured fine powder is easy to process as a stable standalone or co-emulsifier: It has advanced resistance to shear forces, good water-binding properties and is compatible with all oil polarities in a broad pH range from 4-9. Depending on the size of the oil phase, best efficiency is obtained when used at a level between 1.5 and 5% in the final formulation, and it can be incorporated in either hot or cold processes. The ingredient shows no incompatibilities with electrolytes or UV filters, while offering a good skin tolerance.

Florence Olechowski, Division Manager Cosmetics at Berg + Schmidt, says: “We are very pleased to receive this year’s BSB Award for BergaMuls ET 1, because it is recognition of our commitment to all that we do: We not only want to develop products that are efficient and easy to process, but also believe our natural and functional ingredients should protect the environment and provide consumers with holistic benefits.”