Life Sciences

NLSDays goes digital for 2021 and is set to welcome key players in the life science industry from across the globe

NLSDays 2021, spanning the 20th–23rd of April, will bring together a global community of life science leaders, uniting up-and-coming innovators, established Big Pharma players, academic leaders, and key investors from across the industry. With the goal of benefiting patients globally and promoting industry growth, the event will focus on creating partnerships that accelerate advancements in healthcare technologies and deliveries.

Healthcare as an industry is continuously evolving with such advancements, including AI robotics and nanotechnology. This field relies on embracing emerging technologies and working from a global perspective to push it into the future.

This year, NLSDays 2021 will welcome attendees in digital format, ensuring the celebrated informal, yet insightful, atmosphere is achieved with live and virtual spaces for meaningful one-on-ones, as well as digital showcases and presentations. These company presentations will lie within the four following categories: creative cross-industry partnerships, the science behind the service, new technologies, and biotech/pharma. By providing a forum for rising start-ups to showcase their innovations, established corporations and investors have the opportunity to witness the future of MedTech and Pharma first-hand.

On the agenda, attendees can also expect a series of super sessions and workshops, which have proven to be a favorite in previous years. The six much-anticipated super sessions invite a panel of key thought leaders in their respective fields to share their insights, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the latest life science trends. Ranging from tech-based sessions on health data and intelligent capital, to discussions on the developments in microbiome and vaccine research, the sessions aim to answer the major questions facing the healthcare industry today.

Featuring a record number of female and young speakers, NLSDays has nurtured a growing community of expert business and science representatives with global reach. Recognized as a hub for innovation and communication, the event is rooted in one of the fastest growing regions for life sciences. This is achieved through a growing global audience, furthered by the digital nature of this year’s event.


Helena Strigård, Director General of SwedenBIO, comments: “We are excited to welcome attendees from across the life sciences industry and bring this event to a virtual audience to establish key connections and progress advancements in the industry.”


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