Omya showcases multifunctional mineral excipients and active ingredients

At CPhI Worldwide, mineral expert Omya will present its range of innovative mineral excipients for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. In addition to the newly launched Omyanutra® 300 DC and Omyanutra® 300 Flash for nutraceutical tablets, the focus will also be on Omyapharm® – a porous mineral excipient that facilitates the production of tablets and granules with excellent compactability, high mechanical stability and fast disintegration. Visitors will be able to see various prototypes and experience the multiple benefits of Omya’s range.

Omyapharm® fine powder is an excellent filler-binder for tablets in dry granulation processes. It improves tablet compactability while significantly reducing disintegration time, thanks to the high porosity of the structured mineral. This results in harder tablets at low compression forces that quickly disintegrate.

Omya will also highlight the recently launched Omyanutra® 300 DC and Omyanutra® 300 Flash, which are made of high-purity, natural mineral material. Omyanutra® 300 DC is a directly compressible version of the company’s proprietary functionalised calcium carbonate excipient that comes as free-flowing granules and excellent tablet compactability. Omyanutra® 300 Flash comes with a superdisintegrant and is therefore a perfect all-in-one solution for manufacturers of orally and fast-disintegrating tablets.

In addition, the company will showcase its active pharmaceutical ingredients Omyapure® and Omya-Cal®. Both are valuable components for calcium supplementation, antacids and bone health applications.

Thus, Bone Boost is a chewable tablet concept containing Omyapure® as the active ingredient, as well as vitamins K2 and D3 from the company’s distribution portfolio. B12 Flash is an orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) based on the excipient Omyanutra® 300 Flash combined with vitamin B12, which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. The ActivFresh prototype contains mint oil loaded onto Omyanutra® 300 DC, that conveniently brings oil into tablet formulations while mataining good compactability, mechanical stability and disintegration time.

During CPhI 2021, the company’s team of pharma experts will be available to discuss further possible applications. With the combined use of its proprietary calcium minerals and specialty ingredients from its wide-ranging distribution portfolio, Omya is able to provide holistic solutions for various concepts that meet current market demands.