Life Sciences

TTP plc and Start Codon partner to support life science and health care start-ups

Technology and product development specialist TTP plc has formed a partnership with life sciences and health care business accelerator Start Codon to strengthen Start Codon’s support for life science and health care start-ups through the provision by TTP of technical consultancy and advice, leveraging TTP’s expertise to fast-track technology development and commercialization. TTP will deliver a virtual seminar on September 17 focusing on product development and commercialization as part of Start Codon and Cancer Research UK’s Entrepreneurial Training Scheme.

Start Codon aims to identify and recruit high-potential life science and health care companies from across the UK and beyond, provide seed funding, and leverage the resources of the Cambridge Cluster to reduce risk and prepare for a Series A fundraising. Start Codon cohort companies will receive technology consultancy from TTP via one-to-one meetings and networking events throughout Start Codon’s six month ‘programme cycles. The partners have committed to using their complementary networks and knowledge bases to co-host conferences and talks and Start Codon will promote TTP to its portfolio, thus helping TTP connect with potential collaborators.

Early stage start-up companies in the life sciences and health care space can apply to the Start Codon accelerator programme using

Further information on the Entrepreneurial Training Scheme is available at