Brenntag Specialties announces new collaboration with Wanhua

Brenntag Brenntag Specialties, part of the Brenntag Group, the global market leader in chemical distribution, is now a distributor of Wanhua America Co for aromatic isocyanates, polyether polyols, coatings additives, and polyurethane dispersions (PUD).
The Wanhua product lines will be utilized in adhesive, coating, elastomer, sealant, and construction applications such as automotive interior, footwear, 3D lamination, and glass and wood coatings.  The products will efficiently provide high gloss, excellent chemical resistance, and optimal shear viscosity.
The aromatic isocyanates, polyether polyols, coatings additives, and PUD products include:
  • Adwel
  • Antkote
  • Wantipro
  • Vesmody
  • Leasys
  • Tekspro
  • Urosin
  • Lacper
  • Aquolin
Located in Yantai, China, Wanhua specializes in the formulation and manufacturing of urethane technology raw materials. In addition, Wanhua supplies resins and additives to the coating and construction industries.
“Brenntag’s work with Wanhua continues to demonstrate our commitment to deliver top quality raw materials to our customers,” said Ralph Gatti, Director of Marketing-Material Sciences for Brenntag Specialties. “Our team looks forward to working alongside Wanhua to bring new opportunities for urethane technology. These products are a great addition to our portfolio, giving our customers possibilities they’ve been seeking.”
Brenntag Specialties will distribute these products to customers in all U.S. states excluding Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.