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Radically efficient crop protection

Patented enzymes can kill pathogens when and where it matters, says Marie Donnelly, Plant Protection Lead at Zymtronix. New


Microbiome analysis and machine learning – the future of biologicals?

BioConsortia has been applying microbiome analysis and machine learning to its proprietary Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) proc


Greener, safer ingredients for crop care

  Emmanuel Peulens, Green Chemical Users Director at Minafin Group, the global fine chemicals developer an


Biopesticides: the future of regulation

  The experts at Envigo explain how regulatory agencies in the US and Europe are approaching biopesticides, and


Improving the efficacy of biopesticides through novel formulation?

Dr David Calvert, Co-founder and Director of iFormulate, explains how formulation techniques are being used to improve the s


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