Gelest expands acetylenic and alkynyl silane offerings

Gelest has expanded its acetylenic and alkynyl silane offerings, increasing chemists’ options and formulating flexibility in organic synthesis and material science applications.
From pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals to polymers and electronic materials, these silanes are used to synthesize building blocks and more complex molecules that cannot be obtained otherwise. For example, the commercial antifungal drug terbinafine is manufactured using an alkynyl silane.
“These unique compounds are dynamic additions to any life science tool box,” said Jeff DePinto, PhD, Gelest Business Manager, Silanes & Metal-Organics. “We’ve seen burgeoning interest in acetylenic silanes in organic synthesis strategies.” 

Dr. DePinto noted the growing interest is exemplified by a recent scientific paper in Science (Science 2018;362:225-9 DOI:10.1126/science.aau1777).

To support this product line expansion, Gelest offers a new technical brochure, Acetylenic and Alkynyl Silanes,  featuring a comprehensive review of acetylenic and alkynyl silane chemistry with emphasis on synthetic organic transformations.  The brochure also describes more than 50 Gelest acetylenic and alkynyl silanes, which are available in both research and commercial quantities. In addition to its standard product portfolio, Gelest can undertake custom synthesis of specialty silanes for specific research projects.