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By Jennifer Abril, President & CEO of SOCMA

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) is delivering new solutions for the specialty and fine chemical indus

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) is delivering new solutions for the specialty and fine chemical industry, including a new Lead Sheet program and capabilities mapping for its commercial services.
The most successful associations in today’s market solve problems and deliver the right solutions in a changing environment. Helping our members reach their strategic goals is at the heart of everything we do at SOCMA. Over the course of the past two-and-a-half years, SOCMA has strengthened its connection to the industry and we are acutely aware of the pain points companies face. While members value our focus on legacy issues such as regulatory policy and manufacturing/operations, we most clearly heard their call to reinvigorate the commercial services arm of SOCMA.
As such, we have implemented a commercial services network that includes not only industry intelligence and providing venues for members to share best practices, but also a new clearinghouse, where we are mapping capabilities and assisting the industry in identifying additional business connections.
Targeted services for both contract and proprietary chemical manufacturers
In developing our commercial services solutions, it was important that we recognised the distinct differences and growth needs between members who are contract manufacturers and those who create proprietary chemistries.
We’ve found that companies with a focus on proprietary products are more interested in market trends and end-use market regulations. To address these needs, we created ChemSectors – an information network to provide the latest industry intelligence in the areas of performance, agricultural and pharmaceutical chemicals. This segment of the industry convenes at our Executive Forums and Regional Roundtables throughout the year in key regions of the United States to establish business connections, discuss specific key value chain issues and share best practices. This is also an opportunity on the advocacy front to equip our members in navigating regulations that directly impact their ability to do business.
Custom and contract manufacturers, on the other hand, are seeking opportunities for new business partners. A common problem in this area is the increased pace of material insourcing and outsourcing and the need for assistance in streamlining the project evaluation process. We have also heard anecdotally many contract manufacturers are running at capacity, so if a new project comes along, customers need to know who else is out there with the equipment, raw materials and technical expertise to meet their specifications and get the job done. SOCMA is here to help. With a network of industry alliances, we are uniquely positioned to forge these connections through our new Lead Sheet program. SOCMA has a team that includes two chemical engineers and an environmental engineer, who work with customers’ procurement teams to develop Lead Sheets, which are distributed to our member network. The Lead Sheets are succinct, but thorough, making it easy for business development teams to quickly assess the project and determine if the job is a fit for their capabilities.
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20 years at Chemspec Europe
Another platform to complement our commercial services is the SOCMA pavilion at Chemspec Europe. The specialty chemical industry is global, and we realise the importance of amplifying our footprint around the world. For more than 20 years we have provided a concierge-level atmosphere at this international trade show. This year, we have expanded our floor space to accommodate and host 10 member companies, including Aceto, Athlon, Digital Specialty Chemicals, FAR Chemicals, Nation Ford Chemicals, Optima Chemicals, PHT International and Polysciences in section A50, and Callery and GFS Chemicals in section B36. We welcome you to drop by our pavilion and team.
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Showcasing SOCMA’s transformation
As a culmination of the work and transformation we have made at SOCMA in the past two-and-a-half years, we are unveiling our modernized new brand in late June. The rebrand is a clarity of purpose. No other association understands the unique needs of the specialty and fine chemical industry like SOCMA, and we are positioned to be agile and responsive – a mirror image of our members. The rebrand includes a sleek new logo and tagline, a user-friendly and industry-focused website, a new member publication, and a brand new event.
SOCMA returns to New Orleans on 4–6 December for our inaugural Annual Conference and Dinner. Registration for this new event opens in June. See you in the Crescent City!
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