Martin Meeson, former CEO of Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies succeeds Sylke Hassel following the integration of Novasep

Axplora, a leading partner to Pharma companies and Biotechs for complex APIs, is pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Meeson as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


After 3 years as the CEO of Axplora and having led the development and growth of the business with the acquisition of Novasep, Sylke Hassel is stepping down from the CEO role with immediate effect.  Sylke has contributed greatly to the strategic direction of the Axplora Group, to building and strengthening its customer relationships and putting in place a great team of people.

Martin Meeson succeeds Sylke Hassel as the Chief Executive of the Axplora Group. With over two decades of experience in managing and growing businesses globally, Martin brings a deep passion for this sector, the customers that we supply and the partnerships we create. Martin is looking forward to bringing this expertise to Axplora’s global footprint of 10 sites on 3 continents while continuing to amplify the group’s capabilities and strengths in over 15 technologies including ADCs, Steroids & Industrial Chromatography. He is also committed to fostering growth and efficiency while building enduring partnerships with customers and other stakeholders.

Martin, who took over as CEO of Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies at the start of the pandemic, successfully steered the business through this turbulent period, supporting the development of numerous treatments and vaccines.

Asked for some initial comments Martin highlighted two areas, firstly on the challenges we face: “What we do is not easy, but it is worthwhile.  In the pursuit of excellence, we must continue to build on our strengths and challenge ourselves to continuously improve for the partners and patients we serve.” And secondly regarding our customer focus: “When deep technical expertise across the Axplora Group is positively matched with the needs of our over 900 customers, enduring success is realised for all players in the ecosystem”.