Adama inaugurates two factories in Brazil

As part of the expansion goals of its business in the Brazilian territory, Adama has inaugurated two factories for the production of the fungicide Cronnos TOV, developed to combat Asian Rust on soybean crops. With investments of over R$20 million directed to construction, structuring and operational capacity, the enterprises will have a relevant role in combating the disease, which has caused losses of more than US$25 billion since its arrival in Brazil.
The factories, which were built in the cities of Londrina, Parana, and Taquari, Rio Grande do Sul, had ceremonies marked by the presence of local authorities such as Rodrigo Gutierrez, president of Adama Brasil, and Gal Benizri, global head of factory operations. For Gutierrez, the inaugurations presented a new moment for the Brazilian market of fungicides. Based on the demand of soybean growers when combating this plague, Cronnos TOV became an essential product for the company.
“The factories are strategic for the business of the company and stress the worries of Adama in attending to the necessities of Brazilian farmers, who face specific challenges in our country. Only one of the active principles of the fungicide is imported, the other ones being produced in Taquari. The Londrina factory will be responsible for the synthesis of these principles with the capacity of producing one million liters per month,” stated Gutierrez.