Agform launches a new nanotechnology formulation of azoxystrobin in the UK

Oxe, the first commercial nanotechnology version of azoxystrobin in the world, is to be launched through selected distributors in the UK. Developed over four years at Agform’s nanotechnology research centre, in Wickham, Hampshire, the product is set to bring significant benefits to growers in terms of disease control and yield.

During the 2015-2016 spring/summer season, Agform carried out a series of cereal foliar disease trials, comparing Oxe with Amistar (a standard250g/l azoxystrobin SC). Over 24 field trials across the central and southern registration zones and Maritime and Mediterranean EPPO climatic zoneswere carried out against the key target disease of wheat (Septoria tritici). Due to an extensive drought, levels of Septoria tritici in the north of Europe were low and thus limited efficacy data were obtained. In contrast, in the
Mediterranean trials, high levels of the target diseases were recorded, which enabled good data to be obtained.

In most of the trials , Oxe performed well and at 125 gai/ha (½N) provided more effective Septoria tritici control than Amistar at 250 gai/ha (N). Even at only 94 gai/ha, Oxe has often matched the recommended rate of Amistar for disease control.