Ascensus Specialties LLC (“Ascensus”) announced its acquisition of the business and certain assets of Strem Chemicals UK (“Strem UK”), the independent distributor of Ascensus high-purity, research-grade catalysts, ligands, organometallics, metal carbonyls and CVD/ALD precursors for the UK market.

Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Ascensus Specialties LLC is a global leader in high performance specialty reagents, GMP & custom Synthesis, Catalysts, Ligands, CVD/ALD precursors, Specialty Intermediates, and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) Synthesis. Mike Huff, CEO of Ascensus, stated, “We are extremely excited to have Strem UK join Ascensus, and we look forward to bringing the full array of Ascensus products and services to Strem UK’s valued customers.”

Nigel Matthews, Managing Director of Strem UK, stated, “Our customers will continue to benefit from the high-quality catalog products of Ascensus, but will now have access to the wider array of products and services offered by Ascensus.” The senior leadership of Strem UK will continue to work with Ascensus to ensure the smooth transition of customer relationships.