BASF brings new innovations to growers with expanded seed treatments portfolio

BASF has expanded its soybean seed treatment portfolio with the launch of Vault IP Plus seed treatment and Obvius Plus fungicide seed treatment, recently registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Both products will be commercially available in September 2019.

“BASF Seed Solutions offers a broad portfolio of seed treatment innovations that protect, unlock and enhance the full genetic potential of the seed,” said Martin Horrocks, Director of North America Seed Solutions, BASF. “With the addition of Vault IP Plus and Obvius Plus seed treatments, we offer soybean growers an even broader portfolio that will get them off to a strong start this season.”

Vault IP Plus for healthier plants and increased yield
With the launch of Vault IP Plus seed treatment, BASF sets new standards for seed inoculation and protection. It’s the only combined inoculant and EPA-registered biofungicide, containing two active biologicals for improved fungicidal activity and protection.

“Soybean growers can benefit from Vault IP Plus seed treatment, as it delivers increased root nodulation and disease protection for an overall healthier soybean plant,” said Justin Clark, Technical Marketing Manager, BASF. “The highly effective rhizobia are produced fresh every year to increase overall nodulation and maximize nitrogen fixation potential.”

With more nodulation and extended disease protection, Vault IP Plus seed treatment delivers more vigorous roots, increased nutrient uptake, healthier plants and increased yield potential.

Obvius Plus for early season success
Obvius Plus seed treatment supports faster emergence and healthier plants. The new seed treatment delivers four-way disease protection that helps growers get their soybean crop successfully established earlier in the season.

“While early planting allows soybeans to intercept more sunlight for better photosynthesis, this practice also exposes newly planted seeds to potential damage from fungal infections while the soil is still damp and cool,” said Clark. “Obvius Plus seed treatment offers protection from key diseases such as Phytophthora, Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.”

With long-lasting disease control and early season stress tolerance, Obvius Plus seed treatment enables outstanding early season vigor and plant stands, ensuring soybean seeds have the protection they need during early planting conditions and beyond.

BASF offers soybean growers many seed enhancement benefits for healthier plants and improved yield potential that reach well beyond traditional disease, pest or nematode control. Growers can learn more about Vault IP Plus and Obvius Plus seed treatments by contacting their BASF representative or visiting