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BASF to form BASF Toda America for battery materials

BASF, the world’s largest chemical supplier to the automotive industry, has closed its agreement to form BASF Toda America (BTA). As the next step in BASF’s business growth strategy for its battery materials business, the new entity will be majority owned and controlled by BASF and is the second successful collaboration of BASF and TODA. BTA will produce and market high energy Nickel Cobalt Manganese and Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide cathode active materials for e-mobility applications.

With facilities in Elyria, Ohio and Battle Creek, Michigan, BTA will deliver leading expertise in the manufacturing of cathode active materials. This expansion of its North American footprint allows BASF to offer a strategic supply position and produce innovative cathode materials to meet the needs of key global customers.

“The start-up of BTA represents another strategic move for BASF’s battery materials business. BASF is currently supplying key automotive platforms with battery materials and is in qualification of all major future platforms,” said Kenneth Lane, President of BASF’s Catalysts Division. “With this investment, BASF is executing its vision to establish a global manufacturing presence for battery materials and responding to growing market needs.”

“With local production BASF can better collaborate with and serve our automotive customers located in North America,” said Jeffrey Lou, BASF’s Senior Vice President, Battery Materials. “In combination with BASF’s global research & development resources and a combined portfolio of technologies, BASF is able to support the requirements of our customers and take an active role in developing the rapidly growing e-mobility cathode active materials market in North America, and beyond.”