Bayer and Brazilian agricultural co-operative inaugurate new seed treatment machine

Brazilian agricultural co-operative, Cotrijal, has inaugurated a new industrial seed treatment machine, a structure installed in partnership with Bayer at the cooperative’s Seed Processing Unit (UBS), in No-Me-Toque, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The equipment will double Cotrijal’s seed treatment capacity.
Cotrijal president Nei César Mânica mentioned that Cotrijal’s goal is to get quality seeds to the field to help the producers increase their productivity, saying “We have worked to deliver a material of excellence, so much so that Cotrijal seed has been recognized for the second year in a row with certification of seed quality at the national level.”
Mario Henrique Lussari, leader of Bayer SeedGrowth, emphasized the partnership with Cotrijal and the technology used in the new industrial seed treatment machine, which is already in operation, saying “The expansion of seed treatment in the State proves the relevance of the work we are doing with the cooperatives.” The Gaucho producer is undoubtedly extremely attentive to technology and wants to be always ahead of market innovations. Cotrijal is very pertinent and we believe it will bring satisfaction to the cooperative.”