Bayer and Mitsui Chemicals Agro sign licence agreement for novel fungicide

Bayer and Mitsui Chemicals Agro (MCAG) have announced the signing of a license agreement for the development and marketing of quinofumelin, a new fungicide invented by MCAG.

Under the terms of this agreement, MCAG has granted Bayer a worldwide exclusive right to develop and commercialize quinofumelin-based products for crop use, except in other selected countries and regions including Japan where MCAG holds exclusive or shares co-exclusive rights with Bayer.

Featuring a new mode of action and broad fungicidal activity, quinofumelin will provide growers with a unique and attractive solution. It will also be an important rotation partner in managing fungicide resistance. Intended use applications for the new fungicide include fruit trees, leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables, oilseed rape and rice. The first registration application is planned for 2020 in Japan, followed by other countries.

“Bayer is proud to help growers as they contribute to global food security,” said Dr. Adrian Percy, global head of Research and Development for the Crop Science Division. “Growers battle bacterial, viral and fungal diseases each and every season. As the world’s largest supplier of fungicides, Bayer is glad to provide growers across the globe with a new tool to safeguard crops more sustainably.”

 “This new molecule was discovered by MCAG. We are very glad that the joint development has been started with Bayer on a global basis. MCAG believes that this new fungicide can contribute to the improvement of food production in the world,” said Kazunori Tani, President of MCAG.