Bion Tech Inc Taiwan receives Futuristic Inventive Technology Award

Taiwan’s highly professional biopesticide producer, Bion Tech Inc, was awarded with the “Futuristic Inventive Technology Award” in an exhibition titled “2017 Future Tech”, which was recently held by Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Founder and CEO of Bion Tech Inc Taiwan, Bruce Chen, received the award from Minister of Science and Technology of Taiwan, Chen Liang-Gee.

This exhibition focused on the research achievements of innovative technologies from not just agriculture industry, but from all fields and industries nation-wide, including projects such as the application of artificial intelligence, storage of green energy, medicinal biotechnology, nano technology, etc.  The 109 chosen participants were selected nationally during a 3-month evaluation by top experts and officials.

Bion Tech was awarded with “Futuristic Inventive Technology Award” for its development of an innovative biological mosquitocide.

The most commonly seen mosquitocides on the market are mainly chemicals.  With the increase of environmental awareness, there is a drive towards a good biological mosquitocide.  However, there are only a few biological mosquitocides available in the market. Bion Tech has been steadfastly working to develop a new and unique solution to this problem.

Bion Tech Inc has developed a network of strong cross-industry collaborations with top researchers in different research labs, institutes, universities and organizations from various industries, fields and specialized technologies, such as:
–  Biotechnology
–  Microbiological biopesticides (proprietary strains)
–  Nanotechnology
–  Adhesive / Glue technology
–  Calcium board technology
–  Colour / Paint / Ink technology
–  Aerosol technology
–  Paper technology
–  Biodegradable compostable polymeric material technology
–  Probiotic animal feed aAdditives.

Bion Tech’s strong cross-industry interactions and collaborations has resulted in the creation of Finished Ready Products that are of the highest quality and find a special and unique position for Crop Protection, Crop Production, Public Health and Probiotic Animal Feed Additive.

The biological mosquitocide is yet another project of a cross-industry collaboration.  This biological mosquitocide is environmental friendly and safe to use.  The lethal mechanism only functions on its target and does not harm other organisms.  Being a biological product, it is also less likely to develop resistance compared to using other chemical mosquitocides.  Besides the painstakingly selected top-grade bio-mosquitocide strain, the product is also going to be supported by a highly advanced fermentation technology and an enhanced special formulation from Bion Tech. Bion Tech’s advanced fermentation and special formulation technology process can also further improve product efficacy and product stability.

With the development on this unique strain of mosquitocide, Bion Tech is paving a way to a promising future towards not only an itch-free world, but also a Dengue-fever-free world!