BioSafe Systems launches new food safety product SaniDate15.0

BioSafe Systems has launched anew 15% Peroxyacetic Acid (PAA) sanitizer for produce packing and processing waters called SaniDate15.0, following the completion of a Fruit and Vegetable Processing Water Study, which proves  SaniDate15.0 to be effective against foodborne pathogens (e.g.  E. coli O157:H7, Listeria, Salmonella) at a minimum of 40 parts per million of PAA in the water solution. This testing is important, as it allows for the inclusion of these foodborne, illness-causing pathogens on the SaniDate15.0 label. 

SaniDate15.0 will be replacing BioSafe Systems’ current product in this category, SaniDate12.0, for sanitizing waters in flumes, dump tanks, hydracoolers, chillers, and any other water used in produce packing or processing. SaniDate15.0 will now be the product for these larger volumes of packing/processing water. However, SaniDate5.0 will still be the best product for use on spray bars, hard surfaces, bins, buckets, tools, etc.

Aside from the new foodborne illness wording on the label, there are many other quantifiable benefits realised by using new SaniDate15.0 in processing and packing waters. All that is needed is SaniDate15.0 measured out and dosed into the water solution, and test strips or titration kit to check PAA levels throughout packing. No buffer acids, no pH dependence, no corrosion, no temperature dependence, and no gassing off.

On top of that growers, packers, and shippers will realize greater shelf life immediately by switching to SaniDate15.0. The active ingredient in SaniDate15.0 is effective at killing spoilage organisms such as molds, mildews, yeasts, bacteria, and fungi. With FSMA mandating the sanitation of all agricultural waters, it is important to become compliant with a product offering multiple benefits for your operation.