Contract Services

CPhI partners with SGS for Company Verification Service

CPhI has launched CPhI Verified for selected companies listed on CPhI Online. CPhI Verified has been developed in partnership with SGS, a leading international verification, inspection and certification company and will enable companies to prove customer and stakeholder requirements, and build trust and brand loyalty, thereby providing a benchmark of legal, regulatory, quality and company pre-qualification compliance. CPhI Verified companies will therefore have an overview of potential opportunities for improvement in their performances.

The new benchmarking system is included as part of the Platinum subscription on CPhI Online and the service will see SGS undertake a detailed review of company information, insurance, quality management certifications and health and safety standards through to corporate social responsibility and broader engagement systems.

“We launched the service to further increase trust and transparency among the suppliers on CPhI Online, which is the largest pharma marketplace and content hub in the world,” commented Adam Andersen, Group Brand Director at CPhI. “By partnering with SGS, buyers can be assured that potential partners have been pre-qualified for a range of criteria. We knew this was incredibly important to our audiences as global pharma increasingly diversifies its supply chain partners and, of course, it also empowers suppliers with an important mark to stand apart from global competitors.”

CPhI launched the service in response to customer requests for an easily recognizable global benchmark for quality and integrity, and SGS was chosen as the verification partner thanks to its reputation as a leading verification, inspection and certification company.