Corporate Responsibility

DKSH publishes GRI Report on sustainability

DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, published its first report based on the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (GRI). For the first time, clients, customers, investors, employees and the public gain insights into the economic, social and environmental activities of DKSH.  

The report has been established according to the GRI option “core”. On more than 50 pages, the report contains information about DKSH’s economic, environmental and social activities, their resulting impact and the respective management approaches. In total, twelve material topics have been identified; while the report focuses on DKSH’s core activities, such as sales, marketing and distribution.

DKSH’s vision for sustainability is to support economic and social progress in the Asian communities it operates in. This includes fulfilling the fundamental purpose of bringing key consumer goods, healthcare, performance materials or technological products to markets while operating with integrity, trust and reliability.

In the presence of Right To Play Thailand, the GRI Report was presented to the public in Bangkok. DKSH has been a long-standing partner of Right To Play, an organization that focuses on education and empowering disadvantaged children through the power of play.  

Stefan P. Butz, CEO, DKSH, commented: “As a Swiss company with more than 150 years of tradition in Asia, being a responsible corporate citizen has always been part of the DKSH mindset. Our business as a Market Expansion Services provider is built on integrity, trust and reliability. These values are deeply engrained in our culture and are an integral part of our unique selling proposition, which we now document in the GRI report.”

The GRI Report can be downloaded at: