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DNAnexus announces DNAnexus Apollo, new technology platform for clinico-genomic data

DNAnexus, the global leader in biomedical informatics and data management, yesterday announced DNAnexus Apollo, an enhanced platform for clinico-genomic data science exploration, analysis, and discovery. Global pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) teams can leverage DNAnexus Apollo in their translational informatics research to rapidly test multiple hypotheses and gain valuable insight into mechanisms of action, biomarkers and targets.
Moving from the initial stages of target identification through clinical development remains a significant challenge for biopharmaceutical companies. In order to achieve actionable insights, pharmaceutical R&D teams need access to massive volumes of combined clinical and genomic data paired with a robust informatics strategy to interrogate the data for targets and biomarkers of disease progression and therapy response.
To address these challenges DNAnexus Apollo provides a scalable cloud environment, flexible data models, and intuitive analysis and visualization tools to simplify research workflows for R&D teams globally. Working with clinical data requires specialized capabilities to maintain privacy, DNAnexus Apollo leverages the same best-in-class DNAnexus security and privacy framework, which includes compliance in accordance with HIPAA, CLIA, GxP, and FedRAMP, among others. 
“The key to improving productivity is improved understanding and use of data, and this requires the massive integration of multi-omic and biomedical datasets,” said Richard Daly, Chief Executive Officer at DNAnexus. “By integrating clinically relevant data into the research process, mechanisms and targets with low probability of advancement can be rejected earlier in the process. This is critical to accelerate and improve decision support for the identification of drug targets and markers of disease progression and drug response.”
A DNAnexus workshop titled Leveraging Translational Informatics for the Advancement of Drug Discovery and Improved Clinical Outcomes will take place on Thursday, October 18th, between 12:30-1:45 PM at the San Diego Convention Center, upper level, room 30E. The workshop will be hosted by Vice President of Strategy Brady Davis, who will be discussing the new DNAnexus Apollo cloud platform. More information on the session and speakers can be found here: