Multi-service chemical specialist, Airedale Group, has launched energy-reducing cleaning products into the UK automotive industry, through its partnership with Haug Chemie.  

The newly developed low-temperature industrial power wash, eska®phor 7186-1, is a process cleaner designed to reduce temperatures needed to effectively clean working pieces prior to plastic coating, therefore lowering operating costs.

Historically, working pieces are treated in power wash systems with aqueous cleaning solutions at temperatures of 45-70˚c to remove chemicals and residues left after the moulding process. Airedale Group can now offer effective cleaning at just 20-40˚c.


Andrew Roper, commercial manager at Airedale Group, explains: “With rising energy prices, the cost of cleaning workpieces at traditionally high temperatures has become an expensive process. eska®phor 7186-1 has been developed with customers to provide a process-stable cleaning concentrate which remains effective at lower, more economical temperatures which help reduce energy consumption.

“As less water evaporates during the process due to lower process temperatures, less mains water is also required and the process becomes more efficient, producing excellent cleaning performance levels and paint adhesion integrity.”

Airedale Group formalised its partnership with German-based surface treatment business, Haug Chemie, in 2023 and now supplies several ranges of innovative surface treatment solutions to UK industry.

Andrew adds: “As well as saving on resources, eska®phor 7186-1 provides good biostability which extends tank exchange intervals, simultaneously saving on associated service expenses, human resource levels and additional products such as defoamers and biocides.

“Downtime can be reduced by eliminating the need to heat up or cool down as the product is ready-to-use whenever needed.”

Airedale Group provides chemicals and related services to industries including water treatment, manufacturing, food and beverage and personal care to the UK and Europe.