Evonik develops BREAK-THRU solutions for agricultural industry

The topic of sustainability is of increasing importance in agriculture. The industry is under pressure to use pesticides in lower quantities in fields without inducing increased resistances. Pesticide spray solutions have to be applied in one field, with minimal impact to neighboring fields, which makes ‘driftable’ particles from spraying extremely undesirable. Today’s farmers have to find a balance that uses nutrients and water in a way that sustains the soil quality, but also maintains the cleanliness of the ground and surface water.

Evonik’s BREAK-THRU product range offers the agricultural industry the advantages of multifunctional additives whilst at the same time helping to keep the environment safe.

Biodegradable super spreaders
Evonik has developed a unique readily biodegradable trisiloxane, with its BREAK-THRU S 301. As a super spreader, it provides superior spray coverage, improved adhesion and retention with a favourable ecotoxicological profile.

Based on this biodegradable chemistry, Evonik has also developed BREAK-THRU SD 260, the first solid trisiloxane on a water soluble carrier. The innovative BREAK-THRU SD 260 combines the excellent adhesion and retention of super spreaders with humectant properties, and it can also be used in solid formulations or as a Tank-Mix additive.

Improved performance with sustainable biosurfactants
BREAK-THRU SP 133 is a readily biodegradable Sticker Penetrant. It has been approved by Fibl as an adjuvant for use in organic farming in Germany. In the United States, BREAK-THRU SP 133 is a USDA Certified Biobased Product and it is OMRI listed. The polyglycerol ester helps with the better distribution and use of plant health products and foliar nutrients. BREAK-THRU SP 133 provides excellent adhesion, retention and penetration, and also addresses the need in the market to reduce the amount of ‘driftable’ particles in the spraying process.

With the launch of BREAK-THRU SF 420 Evonik introduced a surfactant for Tank-Mix and In-Can applications which is 100% bio-based and is also readily biodegradable. In addition, this Sophorolipid based product is produced in a sustainable manner through the fermentation of a natural yeast. BREAK-THRU SF 420 improves wetting and adhesion, and also disperses copper in pesticide formulations.

New class of adjuvants for irrigation and fertigation
Under the BREAK-GARD umbrella brand, Evonik launched a totally new product class of adjuvants for irrigation and fertigation. BREAK-GARD® IR 100 is the first member of this new product class, and is a biodegradable soil adjuvant which can increase and stabilize marketable yield. Additionally, it helps to improve plant nutrient and water use efficiency, whilst maintaining soil quality with low dose rates.