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GateHouse and Elemica partner to accelerate secure data sharing in chemicals industry

Data unifier and aggregator GateHouse Logistics and Elmica jointly announce a partnership that will enable global manufacturing process industries to have improved data visibility of the assets used in their specific supply chains. By integrating GateHouse Logistics’ award-winning ghTrack data sharing service into Elemica’s network, the processing industries can have a single, aggregated real-time view of their shipments in transit, regardless of the systems being used by their transporters. It eliminates the time-consuming use of the diverse enterprise systems to obtain such data.

“Our ghTrack service is bringing overdue data rationality to inbound and outbound logistics in the supply chain,” says Jesper Bennike, CEO, GateHouse Logistics. “By integrating the service into Elemica’s Digital Supply Network, the process industries have a single aggregated view of all data in their supply chains and improve business efficiency in the process.”

“Elemica’s Digital Supply Network accepts data in whatever methods are available, bringing together multiple data streams to provide the complete picture of a shipment transaction”, says Cindi Hane, Vice President of Product Management at Elemica.  “The extensive network available with ghTrack is a win for our carriers and shippers because of the speed of implementation and quality of the data.”

The supply chain is data hungry. Businesses need to know when their loads will arrive at destinations. They also want real time data on the condition of goods in transit, what routes are being taken, if trailers have been penetrated. Industries need transporters to share business critical data with them and ghTrack was developed to take all actors in the supply chain into the smart data sharing era. 

Elemica’s business network connects to the largest global process manufacturers, thousands of their direct material suppliers, logistics service suppliers and their end customers. The network enables the processing industries to accelerate their moves into the smart digital era.