Hailir launches new herbicide Daoju

Hailir’s wholly-owned subsidiary Qingdao Xiannong Resistant Weed Control has launched its new product Daoju (penoxsulam +cyhalofop-butyl).  Daoju uses 98% penoxsulam technical Tejie from Dow AgroSciences, mixed with cyhalofop-butyl using patented technology, and with a patented soluble waxing agent.It is applicable in various cultivation methods, including water direct sowing, dry direct sowing, rice nursery and throwing of rice seedlings. The product controls broad nutgrass while being safe for paddy rice.
 The advantages of Daoju are:

  1.  Good mixability. It can be mixed with most of the rice field herbicides, providing a broad spectrum for weed control.
  2. High safety. Even if it is mixed with a less safe herbicide, it will not increase the risk of chemical injury of the mixture products.
  3. The added adjuvant and mixtures are lab tested, and have proved to be safe. It avoids the potential risk of the use of additional inferior adjuvants in the course of applications.

 Yang Botao, vice president of Hailir Group, said that Xiannong Resistant Weed Control is positioned to be an innovator and provider of the worst weed and resistant weed control solutions. As a specialist herbicide enterprise, Xiannong Resistant Weed Control has launched a series of herbicide products and solutions in the market for application on wheat, corn, rice and soybean.