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Health Sovereignty: EUROAPI Supports the Supply of Essential Medicines to France and Europe

EUROAPI is further addressing health sovereignty concerns in France and Europe. The Group is announcing several initiatives to increase its production capacities for several active pharmaceutical ingredients listed as essential medicines by the French authorities.

EUROAPI’s Francopia1 subsidiary dedicated to controlled substances2, will invest in R&D activities on its Vertolaye (Puy-de-Dôme) site. These R&D activities aim to increase EUROAPI’s production of morphine and its derivatives, as well as their antagonists used as antidotes, by 2027.

  • At the plant extraction stage, the Group aims to develop an innovative process that could increase productivity between 20% and 30% and shortening industrial cycle time to help building up strategic stocks. This innovative process would also improve solvent recycling and save energy.
  • At the chemical synthesis stage, EUROAPI plans to invest in more flexible technologies and equipment that would enhance production capacity by 15% to 20%.

“EUROAPI projects are emblematic of what we are striving for when it comes to health sovereignty: increase our production capacity or relocate medicines that are essential for the health of the French people, building on the development of innovative production processes that are more competitive and environmentally friendly. These projects are part of the eight new relocation projects announced today in Ardèche by the President of the Republic, which will allow us to significantly reduce our dependence on non-European imports on a number of drugs over the next five years,” said Mr. Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate in charge of Industry.

“EUROAPI is proud to address health sovereignty challenges identified by the French Government and to fight drug shortages”, said Karl Rotthier, Chief Executive Officer of EUROAPI. “Innovation will enable us to increase our production in order to ensure the sustainable, competitive and integrated manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates and active ingredients in Europe, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, all essential to public health.”

Once the R&D projects have been successfully completed, EUROAPI plans further investments to increase its production capacity. Total investments could reach €70 million, of which approximately 15% in R&D and 85% in capex, that would be deployed from 2026. These investments will be partially funded by the French State via France 2030.

In addition, as part of the Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) currently under review by the European Commission, EUROAPI has presented innovative projects to help cover the need for currently imported critical medicines such as macrolide antibiotics and corticosteroids, by 2030.

  • For corticosteroids (including methylprednisolone) used for their anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects, EUROAPI’s ambition is to develop state-of-the-art processes and technologies at the Vertolaye site.
  • With regard to the macrolide antibiotics used to treat infectious diseases, the project to relaunch production would be deployed at the Saint-Aubin-lès-Elbeuf (Seine-Maritime) site and would enable EUROAPI to expand its portfolio in this global market.