Indigo expands research platform

Indigo is expanding its research platform, which is a collaboration with top growers and agronomic experts to evaluate agricultural technologies over more than 25,000 acres.

The platform, called Indigo Research Partners, uses a network of more than 50 of the largest US growers to gather over a trillion data points daily from sensors, drones, weather stations, and other technologies. It enables a new method of agricultural R&D by eliminating the ‘one size fits all’ approach associated with traditional field trials – the platform is designed to generate data relevant to a specific farm or field and lead to actionable insights. Using over a trillion data points gathered daily from sensors, drones, weather stations, and other technologies, the platform can optimize on-farm decision-making, accelerate the adoption of new technologies, and improve grower profitability.      

“We are developing a new approach to agricultural R&D that will enable data-based decisions and promote continuous improvement across technologies,” said David Perry, Indigo’s President and CEO. “Ultimately, Indigo Research Partners will serve as an open-source data platform for all growers, delivering insights that can improve the profitability and sustainability of their farms.”