Kaneka Pharma Europe announces name change to Kaneka Nutrients Europe

Medicine pills spill out of a bottle isolated on white background

Kaneka Pharma Europe, a global pioneer in the production of natural coenzyme Q10 and sole supplier of ubiquinol, has changed the trading name of its nutrient supplement business to Kaneka Nutrients Europe. Effective from 1 May 2021, the name change reflects the company’s strong commitment to providing innovation-driven solutions for nutrient supplements.

Kaneka maintains that the quality of its ingredients will remain a priority, and in compliance with the highest pharmaceutical standards. The company places great emphasis on the development of high-quality and scientifically backed ingredients such as Kaneka Ubiquinol™, which supports the body’s immune defences, counteracts fatigue, stress and visible signs of ageing, and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Filip Van hulle, General Manager at Kaneka Nutrients Europe, explains: “Our key ingredients offer enormous potential in terms of health benefits. The new name of our division aligns more with our mission – and that of our clients – to put consumer health at the heart of all that we do, through innovative, healthy nutrition focusing on naturalness, safety, quality, efficiency and reliability.”