Water Treatment

Kemira increases prices for polymers and process chemicals for water treatment applications in EMEA as of July 1st 2021

Kemira, a global chemicals company serving water intensive industries, announces price increases for all polymer and main process chemicals products for water treatment applications in the EMEA region on the grounds of continuing cost increases.

In addition to continued raw material cost increases, there is a significant surge in all transportation cost, driven by fuel surcharges, constraints in freight capacity, container rental cost and maritime freights.

The following price increases will apply as of July 1st, 2021 or as contract terms allow. The increases will be in addition to the previous price announcement made in March 2021.

Product Line

Price increase


Dry powder polymers

Emulsion polymers

Other liquid polymers

+ 4-7%

+ 4-7%

+ 4-7%

Process chemicals

Dispersants / Antiscalants


+ 4-8%

+ 5-10%

Price increases will vary by chemistry and product type and can be higher in selected areas. Kemira continues to be committed as a long-standing supplier of high-quality products and solutions for the water intensive industries globally.