Marrone Bio Innovations announces distribution partnership with Agricultural Materials Company

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (MBI) (NASDAQ: MBII), a leading global provider of bio-based pest management and plant health products, today announced that it has signed an exclusive international distribution agreement with Agricultural Materials Company (AMC-TR), a leading supplier of agricultural inputs in Turkey.

AMC-TR was established in Turkey in 2001. They are affiliated with Agrimatco, which is a leading provider of Agricultural Inputs and Services to farmers in the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, The Balkans and Gulf countries.

Through this agreement, AMC-TR plans to register and commercialize two of MBI’s most innovative products: Majestene®, a breakthrough bionematicide for nematode control, and Grandevo®, an advanced bioinsecticide that suppresses and manages early insect populations, protecting crops from the start while helping to prolong the lifespan of other pesticides.

Turkey is one of largest vegetable exporters to Europe, Russia and the Middle East. AMC-TR required a partner to provide products that are maximum residue level (MRL) exempt to meet export objectives, while still supported by strong efficacy data showing true control of nematode and insect populations.

Local field trials demonstrated Majestene’s ability to control root knot nematodes in vegetables, even when compared to traditional chemical nematicides. It can be applied in the field or through drip irrigation at planting and throughout the season. Like Majestene, Grandevo bioinsecticide has shown a similar ability, when used early, to suppress insect populations. Majestene and Grandevo are traditionally used for both organic and non-organic IPM programs in agriculture and greenhouse markets. Both are organic/OMRI listed and require minimal personal protective equipment, making them some of the smartest and safest crop protection products available in the market today.

“Marrone Bio is proud to further expand our international sales footprint into Turkey,” said Pam Marrone, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Marrone Bio Innovations. “We’ve seen an increased demand for our products in a number of key international territories as regulatory efforts and consumer preferences grant clear advantages to our products. These growth drivers, accompanied by an ever increasing body of positive efficacy research, further affirms the need for biologicals to become a regular part of any IPM program – even with tough pests such as nematodes.”