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Meet Johnson Matthey at CPhI Worldwide 2018

Johnson Matthey (JM), a leading provider of custom pharmaceutical services, controlled substances, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and catalyst technologies, will be exhibiting at Hall 7 booth C20 at CPhI WW in Madrid, October 9-11 2018.

JM has recently announced a new process to synthesis ultra-pure cannabidiol (CBD), a medicinal component of the cannabis plant. This synthesis will help JM support companies in developing novel treatments and medicines to help patients across a range of disease areas.

Earlier this year, JM announced the successful scale-up and commercial availability of a novel Gusev catalyst for ester hydrogenation. The catalyst combines high activity with high chemoselectivity that could revolutionise industrial applications of ester hydrogenation. The technology, which was originally conceived and developed in the laboratories of Professor Dmitri Gusev of Wilfrid Laurier University, was exclusively licensed from GreenCentre Canada, a provider of intellectual property services to support the development of chemistry-driven activities, to JM in 2016. Following this agreement, JM has scaled the manufacturing process of the Gusev catalyst, known as Ru-SNS, that shows exceptional activity for the important chemical transformation known as ester hydrogenation.
Representatives from JM will be available on booth 7C20 during CPhI WW to discuss the company’s latest news and developments:
• Jason Apter, Sector Chief Executive, Health
• Paul Evans, Global Vice President Generic Products and Solutions
• Nick Shackley, Global Vice President Innovator Products and Solutions
• Kevin Hennessey, Commercial Director, North America
• Mallikarjun Chityala, Senior Commerical Director, Europe