Meiji and Arysta enter into new insecticide flupyrimin licensing agreement in India

Japanese company Meiji Seika Pharma Co and Arysta LifeScience Corporation have announced the signing of a licensing agreement for a new insecticide, flupyrimin for rice protection in India.  Under the agreement, Meiji will supply the active ingredient to Arysta, while Arysta will formulate, promote and sell the products.  
Flupyrimin is a new insecticide, discovered by Meiji, that is effective against the major insect rice pests, such as plant-hoppers and stem borers, including those populations resistant to existing insecticides. Paddy rice fields in India produce around 21% of the world’s rice. However, rice yields may be reduced by up to 45% due to insect pests and diseases in which stem borers and planthoppers notably affect over 30 million hectares of rice each year in India. Flupyrimin offers an innovative solution to these pests.  Flupyrimin has shown low toxicity against honeybees.  
Meiji and Arysta will make further contributions to the development of agriculture in India and make people’s lives better by introducing this innovative technology. Meiji will keep on making the efforts to distribute this technology worldwide and will continue to deliver innovative eco-friendly products.