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MGX and PurLucid extract lithium from oil & gas wastewater system

MGX Minerals and engineering partner PurLucid Treatment Solutions have announced the arrival of second wastewater treatment system that will derive lithium from brine.

The system, which is scheduled to be installed at an oil & gas operation in Alberta, will treat evaporator blowdown brine, and can process high salinity wastewater from steam-assisted gravity drainage operations. In addition, the system will separate colloidal and dissolved minerals for water reuse at the minimum cost.

Presence of lithium in these wastewaters is 100ppm, and the new system will derive lithium from brine, using a newly developed lithium recovery process. The cleantech process reduces capital cost of recovery compared to traditional solar evaporation, and improves the quality of extraction and recovery across a range of brines.

Meanwhile, the company’s first system has accomplished large-scale trials and client acceptance testing, and is scheduled for installation after the completion of the on-site preparations.

PurLucid’s licensed and patented nanoflotation technology is specifically built for the oilfield environments. It treats oil & gas wastewater by removing impurities from it and produces clean water as a final product.

MGX Minerals, a Canadian resource company, has interests in material and energy assets across North America.