Nufarm creates Raiz program for pesticide distributors in Brazil

Nufarm has launched an initiative called Raiz Program in Brazil, to promote innovations, services and new technologies among the pesticide distributors in the region. Nufarm aims to widen its access to specific markets with this program.

The program will be implemented first in the Northeastern region of the country. Sixty distributors were invited to participate in the program, who were selected on the basis of their outreach and local relevance, among other criteria.
Fernando Mazeppi, executive director of marketing at Nufarm, said the company’s Raiz Program aims to put the distributors in the forefront so as to add value to the agricultural chain in the Northeastern region, besides strengthening the local distribution of pesticides, and get closer to the farmers in the region.
“It is a strategic region for us, including regarding logistics, as the company already has an industrial unit in the municipality of Maracanaú, in the Greater Fortaleza area,” noted the executive.
According to Mazeppi, the Raiz platform will see Nufarm investing in the development of training programs, as well as helping commercial partners of the company in the region to provide innovative services to the Northeastern farmers, besides increasing the profitability of the business.
“We understand that the Raiz program will stimulate the diffusion of technologies and will generate demand in the region. It is a structured, personalized program to strengthen the Nufarm brand through its distributors, in partnership with the small and medium farmers in the Northeastern region,” elaborated Mazeppi. He added that the company plans to extend the program to other regions in Brazil in the coming years.
Nufarm has been active for over 100 years in the agricultural market, offering innovative and competitive solutions to the producers. With its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, the company has a wide portfolio of products, and services the most diverse needs of the agricultural market. In Brazil, Nufarm has a factory in the municipality of Maracanaú, an office in São Paulo, and eight distribution centers in the major states, as well as technical sales representatives all over Brazil.