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Nurocor partners with Intilaris to accelerate clinical trials

Nurocor has entered into a partnership with intilaris LifeSciences. Nurocor is a leading Clinical Metadata Repository provider with a mission to bring order to clinical data. intilaris LifeSciences is a consulting and services company optimizing drug development through structured information and content-driven processes for the pharmaceutical industry. The companies will collaborate to create efficiency by accelerating the use of standards in the planning stage of clinical trials. This enables substantial efficiency gains and cost savings during the conduct of clinical trials.

Nurocor’s mission is to bring order to clinical data. The world of clinical data is becoming increasingly complex. Nurocor believes that through the disciplined management of data standards and semantics, customers can control this complexity, and turn it into a business advantage.

Nurocor and intilaris will work together to deliver solutions that combine intilaris’ expertise and standardized processes with the Nurocor MDR to automate many aspects of the planning stage of Clinical Trials. These solutions will help the pharmaceutical industry bring new drugs to market more quickly and at lower costs.

“We are pleased to partner with intilaris to help customers optimize clinical trial processes beginning at the planning stage,” said Alex Lazar, Nurocor President and Founder. “Combining the Nurocor MDR with intilaris deep industry expertise and established structured data and content-driven processes, we will be able to help customers accelerate the use of standards in the planning stage of clinical trials to bring new drugs to market more quickly and at lower cost.”

“We are looking forward to helping our customers automate their clinical trial processes using the Nurocor MDR,” said Thorsten Friedel, intilaris Managing Director. “Automating the planning of clinical trials with structured data and content-driven processes will help our customers realize significant cost and time savings.”