Perstorp to invest €14+ million in Feed & Food

Swedish company Perstorp is firmly investing in the Feed & Food Business Area, with the goal of boosting next generation solutions for gut health and preservation. To support this goal, Perstop is establishing satellite production units in Asia and the Americas to be closer to these markets and customers. The company is significantly increasing manpower resources in R&D, regulatory affairs, supply chain, operations, marketing and sales.

Executive Vice president Roger Mann commented, “Consumer demands favour next generation solutions such as the ones we provide. Perstorp has seen this potential. Enlarging our presence allows us to meet these demands.”

Growing consciousness
Investing in Feed & Food is a society driven decision, explains Mann. ‘Growing world population and increasing protein consumption require next generation solutions. Taking ownership of your health is a trend we see worldwide. People want to know what is on their plate, how their food is made, how the animals were treated and if they were raised antibiotic free. By investing in Feed & Food we want to contribute to a sustainable world for future generations.’

Next generation solutions
To ensure global availability Perstorp Feed & Food will establish new production units in Asia and the Americas. Mann: ‘This way we can offer a faster, more robust and flexible supply chain. By strategically strengthening and expanding Feed & Food we can keep offering next generation solutions all around the world.’ Feed & Food is doubling the number of employees in R&D, regulatory affairs, supply chain, operations, marketing and sales. The plant in Waspik, the Netherlands will be the beating heart of the Business Area and home to many of the new colleagues. An ambitious investment program has been greenlit for the site to increase office space, laboratories and production capacity.

Lifeline in agrifood
The key to a smooth organization? Putting the right people in the right place, according to Mann. ‘Perstorp Feed & Food combines a lifeline in agriculture with excellent research.’ In the process of recruiting, Mann underlines the importance of hiring people with a passion for agri-food and outstanding skills. ‘We want our people to have a deep understanding of farmers’, veterinarians’ and nutritionists’ needs. In this ever changing world with its constantly shifting demands, we have to keep pace with the customer’s demands.’