Life Sciences

PLERYON and SEQENS sign a partnership to develop and manufacture an innovative GMP Polymer to treat osteoarthritis.

Pleryon, a biotech startup focused on the development of novel polymer-based therapeutics to address global unmet medical needs and SEQENS, an integrated global player in solutions and ingredients for the pharmaceutical and specialty market, announce a collaboration for the development and manufacturing of an innovative polymer: Pleryon’s leading candidate for osteoarthritis. 

With more than 20 years of experience in polymer development, SEQENS technology and expertise was chosen by Pleryon to move further in the development of its project. 

SEQENS will develop and manufacture the custom polymer in France at its cGMP plant of Aramon, France. This historic site was modernized and expanded with a 15 million euros investment : the new state-of-the-art facility will be completed by Q2 2024 and will ensure new GMP capabilities and technologies to meet the growing demand in polymers for nucleic acid delivery (vaccines), controlled-release excipients and prodrugs (notably for oncology), as well as polymer materials for medical devices Class IIb & III. 

“This partnership is an important step for Pleryon, as it enables us to secure the development and production of the key functional polymer in our main clinical candidate, which brings innovative solutions to ageing population. Seqens’ proven know-how and compliance with manufacturing standards will be paramount in meeting our needs over the next few years”, says Yu Yu, CEO of Pleryon. 

We are delighted to be putting high-end expertise in polymer synthesis and characterization at the service of Pleryon. With a strong track record and problem-solving mindset, we contribute to the success of ambitious projects that improve the quality of life of millions of people.”, says Frédéric Schab, Head of CRDO Business Development.