Corporate Responsibility

Recipharm hosts event at World Water Week to celebrate International Environmental Award achievements

Tomorrow, on Tuesday 28 August, Recipharm will award Karen Kidd with the 10th Recipharm International Environmental Award. The award acknowledges the best environmental practices or innovations within the pharmaceutical and health care industries or academia.

Karen Kidd is Professor in Biology, Geography & Earth Sciences at the McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. Dr Kidd’s research aims to understand the effects of human activity – food production, natural resource extraction, urban environments – on the health of freshwater and marine ecosystems.

To recognise the award, Recipharm will be hosting a workshop together with the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) at World Water Week. The workshop will include the prize ceremony for the Recipharm International Environmental Award 2017 and an overview of regulatory developments in the area of environmental health by Hannah Leckie of OECD. Karen Kidd will also present her own research and conclusions.

In addition, previous award winners Alistair Boxall (University of York), Damia Barcelo (Catalan Institute for Water Research), Jerker Fick (Umeå University), Klaus Kummerer (Freiburg University) and Apoteket AB, represented by Erik Thorsell, will participate in panel discussions to explore the impact of current research and regulatory developments.

The prize will be presented by Lars Backsell, Chairman of Recipharm AB.