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Saltigo to focus more on opportunities in India

Saltigo, a subsidiary of specialty chemicals company LANXESS, presented its comprehensive expertise and longstanding experience as a custom manufacturing service provider and producer of multi-customer products at Chemspec India 2018, which was held in Mumbai this week.
“We are aligned with our business targets and are working towards expanding our activities in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical segments. We look forward to strengthening our business with selected multi-customer products. We have also been successful in attracting customers from the specialty chemicals segment, where outsourcing is not yet a common practice, to our portfolio,” says TorstenDerr, Managing Director of Saltigo, summarizing the company’s plans. 
Saltigo supplies products to some 150 customers from the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries. These include active ingredients and intermediates for crop protection agents and medicines together with chemicals for numerous applications.
India is a rapidly expanding market in the field of fine chemicals and active ingredients for pharmaceutical and crop protection applications. Key areas of expertise here include phosgenation and halogenation – such as reactions involving hydrogen fluoride or phosphorus chlorides and the Halex reaction. Further examples are metal organic syntheses, e.g. by means of a Grignard reaction, which is run at Saltigo in a multi-1000 ton-scale including the production of the reagent. 
“Also for our multi-customer products such as phosgene derivatives or 1,2,4-triazole, India is an important market. In addition, we strive for business with innovative companies specializing in photovoltaics, polymers, lubricants, flavour and fragrances and biocides,” TorstenDerr adds.
In addition, Saltigo is awaiting the registration of its insect repellent Saltidin (chemical name Icaridin) in India. Insect repellents containing the active ingredient of Saltigo protect against infection with dangerous diseases, like the Zika virus or dengue fever, by keeping mosquitoes at bay. Saltigo has reacted fast to the increased demand by increasing the production capacity significantly and has taken measures for additional capacity expansion.