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Samsung SDI presents new ESS solutions at Energy Storage Europe

Samsung SDI showcased a new line-up of high-capacity and high-power ESS solutions this week at the Energy Storage Europe 2018, an international exhibition held for three days from 13th March in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The trade show dedicated to ESS batteries and renewable energies was taken part by more than 160 companies in ESS-related front and rear industries from around 55 countries, including major ESS providers such as ABB, Siemens and Younicos.

During the event, Samsung SDI unveiled its new ESS battery cell whose capacity is stretched to 111Ah with the same size as its predecessor. The new product features an easy upgrade without a design change. Another feat is a high-capacity E3 model that substantially increased the number of cells integrated in the container by upgrading module design and rack arrangement technology. This model will help users to reduce the facility size and save installation and management costs, the company said.

Other products on the display include a high-power ESS that ensures electricity quality by maintaining the level of power from generators at the power substation, and ESS products for home use for small solar power systems.

Samsung SDI led the pack in the global ESS market with a market share of 38 percent last year, according to Japanese market research firm B3. The market is expected to continue growth at a rate of 45 percent each year until 2025.