Sapec Agro Italia presents ALMADA fungicide

Sapec Agro Italia presents in Italy its dimethomorph-based fungicide product line, ALMADA.
The ALMADA family consists of unique and innovative blends and solutions for the farmers who seek reliability, safety and productivity of their crop.
  • ALMADA 50 SC (dimethomorph): the flexible anti-peronospora with the widest label on the market.
  • ALMADA MZ (dimethomorph and mancozeb): the classic opening solution for the defense season, has a multi-site coverage action with preventive activity.
  • ALMADA TRIO (dimethomorph, fosetyl aluminum and folpet): a unique and exclusive solution by Sapec that guarantees the defense of the vine in all conditions.
  • ALMADA HYDRO (dimethomorph and copper hydroxide): ensures coverage after flowering for a safe crop.