SGS field trials facility in Greece receives GEP certification

Following a successful audit by the Hellenic Republic’s Ministry of Rural Development and Food, SGS’s new field trials facility in Thessaloniki, Greece, has been awarded a certificate for Good Experimental Practice (GEP).

The Thessaloniki facility has a wide range of capabilities and can develop efficacy trials for both the open field and controlled environments, such as greenhouses and warehouses. All biological tests and trials are conducted in adherence with European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) guidelines, the sponsor’s instructions, and SGS Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The GEP testing facility is certified to conduct trials on a range of substances, including:
•    Herbicides
•    Insecticides
•    Fungicides 
•    Acaricides
•    Plant growth regulators
•    Other plant protection products for registration purposes

The new facility is operated by highly skilled local field trial experts, each with many years experience of conducting GEP and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) field trials. In addition, the Thessaloniki site is also part of SGS’s global network of state-of-the-art testing and research centers, which currently operates agricultural support facilities in 28 countries, making it the ideal solution for customers looking to address their agricultural testing requirements in a flexible, cost-effective and reliable manner.

SGS is the proven outsourcing leader for product research and development in the pesticide, biostimulant, biocide and fertilizer industries. As a quality-assured operation, SGS can provide reliable results on time and budget and can support early decision-making. In addition, our proprietary trial management platform “MORE” allows us to track trial progress during the season, giving us the ability to liaise with customers in optimal timeframes.