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SOCMA welcomes two new member companies

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) is pleased to welcome La Petite Roche Technologies LLC (LPRT) and Organic Technologies, Inc., as new members. The companies, which both have previous ties to SOCMA, were recently approved for membership by the association’s Board of Governors.
Rejoining a community of peers was a key value for Organic Technologies. “With the beginning of a new chapter at Organic Technologies, it makes sense to reconnect and network at high-value events afforded by SOCMA membership,” said Susan Palus, Product Manager Fine Chemicals, Organic Technologies. The Coshocton, Ohio-based company specializes in providing unique and valuable separation solutions to the chemical process industry.
Slaton Fry, Chief Operations Officer of Arkansas-based LPRT, recognizes the value of SOCMA membership as his new company, which specializes in innovative chemical formulation, gets up and running. “While working for another company I became very involved with SOCMA and served on several committees,” said Fry. “When we started our expansion project to add chemical manufacturing capability to my new company, it was clear SOCMA was a great fit for us. We’re very pleased to join SOCMA and look forward to working with the association and other member companies.”
“We are delighted to have LPRT and Organic Technologies join our association,” said SOCMA President & CEO Jennifer Abril. “We welcome the insight these companies bring to the table as we continue to increase collaboration across the specialty sector. We look forward to engaging with their teams to share industry intelligence and provide resources they can use to enhance their businesses and strengthen their position within the value chain.”
For more information about SOCMA membership, contact Paul Hirsh, Senior Vice President, Industry Development & Strategic Partnerships, at, or call (571) 348-5100.