Stoller opens R&D centre in Brazil

Stoller has inaugurated a new technological centre at the group’s factory in the city of Cosmópolis in Brazil. The goal of the 940-square meter structure is to offer cutting-edge infrastructure and modern equipmentt hat allow the use of new technologies in the formulation and development of internal research that was previously done in external laboratories. 
“Besides bringing a greater synergy between the agronomic, biological, and chemical areas, contributing toward the improvement of procedures of Quality Control of raw materials and finished products, the centre’s goal is to expand development capacity, aiming to offer the best solutions to the Brazilian farmer,” highlighted Stoller R&D director Stella Cato. 
Among the various equipment, the company highlighted the ICP-OES (inorganic nutrients analyser) that enables  simultaneous diagnosis of several elements, reducing the work and response time. The UPLC (Ultra Performance Liquid Cromatograph), does separation, identification, and individualized quantification of the organic molecules (vegetable hormones).  The centre also has an HPLC-MS (High Performance Liquid Cromatograph associated to the mass spectrometer), allowing highly precise investigation of organic molecules, the nitrogen distillers.
“We will deliver our products with more efficiency and speed up the analysis delivery time, because it is now a complete internal procedure, which gives us more autonomy to conduct research and to develop innovations that will contribute to a more efficient and sustainable agriculture in the field, seeking to offer the best solutions to our customers,” explained Cato.